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Is there a story about Atlanta that you think needs to be heard? ATL+ Magazine is a culturally diverse inclusive lifestyle magazine that highlights the essence of the "who, what, when, where, and why" of Atlanta. ATL+ Magazine will publish compelling "grassroots" stories, photography, and design, overlooked by major media outlets to help celebrate our city's triumphs and revel in things that make metro Atlanta so unique. This publication offers a vast array of media that will create opportunities to compel our consumers to respond, innovate new opinions, and construct extensive professional networks in Atlanta. We would like to invite you to submit content in these areas to share your own passions and interests with us. Some of the topics we are passionate about are our lifestyle, culture, fashion, entertainment, and stories that connect our readers. However, you might be writing about something that is unknown to us, and you think we need to know about it, please send it!

How We Review Submissions

Magazine and digital submissions are reviewed by our Editorial Board. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for accuracy and consistency. Each submission is edited according to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation conventions of American English; we follow the conventions detailed in the Chicago Manual of Style. 

In its editing, ATL+ Magazine strives to preserve each submitter’s unique voice and artistic intent over absolute grammatical or idiomatic correctness.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting to the ATL+ Magazine Print/Digital Publication

ATL+ Magazine submissions must be sent in digital format via the submittable. Text submissions should be sent in a file format that can readily be edited on a computer (Microsoft Word is preferred).

Nonfiction submissions should be in Times New Roman or a similar serif font, 12 pt., with one-inch margins all around. Please paginate and include the title of the work on each page. All work should be carefully proofread before it is submitted.

Photographs should be original, royalty-free, and thematically relevant to ATL+’s mission and preferred topics. They should be submitted in a format that can be displayed on a Web page and opened in Photoshop. JPG and PNG are preferred. Submitted images should not include vectors or layers. Photographs should be submitted in a format and resolution that can be displayed on a Web page and opened in Photoshop. JPG and PNG, 150 ppi are preferred. Submitted images should not include vectors, layers, or animations. We do not accept videos, illustrations, or other visual art forms.

Submitting to the website digital platform
ATL+ Magazine accepts submissions for special-topics series on a semi-regular basis, publishing original nonfiction posts per week on Wednesday for at least eight weeks.

You can read more about the types of work we look for, our mission, and our focus on our ATL+ Magazine. The blog concentrates on new work; it does not accept works that have previously been published elsewhere (including on social media).

On the blog, we typically publish posts that are between 1000 to 1200 words, but we will consider submissions that are as short as 300 words or as long as 2,000 words.

Blog submissions may include nonfiction post. We also accept original photography, either as a post unto itself or with accompanying explanatory text or captions (up to three photos per post).

To be considered for publication, posts must meet our guidelines. Please read ATL+ Magazine page for more information about our preferred topics.

Our blog welcomes a wide array of short nonfiction including:

Memoir (“snapshot” life stories)
Opinion pieces on current events and issues in Metro Atlanta
Book and music reviews of Atlanta based authors
Travel pieces and must-see locations in Atlanta
Food writing and reviews
Science & nature writing
Spiritual writing
Health & wellness writing
Humor pieces about Atlanta