“Jeremy Smith and Cody Alcorn: A Love Story That Started at First Sight”

Atlanta, a city known for its vibrant energy and diverse professionals, is home to countless love stories. In the midst of it all, Jeremy Smith and Cody Alcorn stand out as a dynamic couple that proves love can truly conquer all. In this special edition of ATL Plus Magazine, we bring you the heartwarming journey of two professionals who found love and purpose together.

Love at First Sight

Cody and Jeremy’s story began like a scene from a romantic movie. The couple’s first encounter occurred at a bar in Midtown, Atlanta. Cody was visiting from out of town for a Christmas party, and their lives took a serendipitous turn when they crossed paths. Jeremy, being the charming and charismatic Realtor he is, was initially drawn to Cody’s colleague, Margaret-Ann Carter. However, fate had bigger plans. When Cody entered the picture, it was love at first sight for Jeremy.

A Moment of Realization

Every love story has a moment that solidifies the bond between two people. For Cody and Jeremy, it was a trip to Miami shortly after they met. Traveling together often serves as a litmus test for relationships, and their Miami journey helped them understand each other better and realize they had something truly special.

Balancing Busy Lives

Challenging work schedules can test even the strongest relationships, and Cody and Jeremy are no exception. Cody’s job as a news reporter at 11 Alive keeps him occupied in the evenings, while Jeremy’s days as a Realtor begin early. This leaves them with little time during the week. However, their commitment to spending quality time together over the weekends helps maintain their strong connection.

Keeping the Spark Alive

After two and a half years together, Cody and Jeremy’s love still burns brightly. Their secret to keeping the romance alive is to plan quality one-on-one time, whether it’s a cozy dinner at home or a night out in the city.

Elf” during the holiday season. Each year, decorating the Christmas tree and their condo has become a cherished part of their love story.

Words of Wisdom

For young couples beginning their journey together, Cody and Jeremy offer valuable advice. They emphasize the importance of maintaining personal lives while balancing the demands of work, friendships, and relationships. Their motto is simple: “We are a team, and we are both in this together.”

Admiration for Work Ethic

Both Cody and Jeremy admire each other’s strong work ethic. Their shared commitment to achieving their goals and dreams has deepened their mutual admiration. Their professional pursuits run parallel to their dedication to building a life together.

Unforgettable Travel Experience

An unforgettable travel experience etched in their hearts is their trip to Rome and London in July. It was during this journey that they got engaged. With the stunning Spanish Steps of Rome as their backdrop, their intimate engagement marked a moment they’ll forever cherish.

Resolving Disagreements with Love

In handling conflicts, Cody and Jeremy believe in open communication. They encourage sharing their thoughts and emotions to avoid holding grudges. The couple follows a simple rule—never go to bed angry with each other. The start of a new day brings a fresh opportunity to leave any disagreements behind.

Achieving Mutual Goals

As for shared goals, the couple recently purchased a boat for their lake house on Lake Allatoona. Their dreams and aspirations align seamlessly, creating a harmonious path forward in their life journey.

The Ingredients for Everlasting Love

Cody and Jeremy believe trust, communication, and unwavering commitment are essential for love to endure the test of time. Their love is an ever-evolving journey filled with appreciation for one another’s individuality.

Looking to the Future

The couple eagerly anticipates their wedding planning journey. While they’ve set no official date, they plan to have an engagement party in early 2024, followed by their wedding and reception at the Cedars Weddings and Events venue in Acworth, Georgia. With a family of experienced wedding planners behind them, Cody and Jeremy are destined to have the wedding of their dreams.

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