Game Day: Falcons vs Saints

By: Channie Mac

The Big Show Down

Its that time again for sports fans, Sunday Night Football has officially made its return This week footballs fans will get to see one of the biggest show downs in NFL   history—The Atlanta Falcons vs the New Orleans Saints! The Atlanta Falcons currently hold a 53-52 advantage over the New Orleans Saints, but that isn’t stopping the   Saints from heating things up. The Saints recently announced renovations to the Superdome in New Orleans, and in their announcement took a quick jab at the Falcons.

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The Loss heard round the World

The Saints in their remodeling of the Superdome, decided to the remind the world and the Falcons of their loss to the New England Patriots back in 2017, pictured above. Lets take a ride back in history to 2017, its Superbowl LI, where the Falcons ended up blowing a 28-3 lead against the Patriots. Fans were stunned as they watched the Patriots come back and defeat the Falcons. A bitter sweet loss as the Falcons came the closest that they had ever gotten to winning the Superbowl since 1998. This was a loss heard around the world, and it looks like the Saints aren’t taking any mercy on the Falcons as they mock their Superbowl loss. Will this prove to be a good move? The show down is taking place this Sunday, and it is indeed to be one for the books.

Falcons vs Saints preview: Offensive and defensive stats comparison for  Week 9 - The Falcoholic
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Team Falcon or Team Saints

While Saints fans are screaming “Who Dat,” Falcons fans will be doing the dirty bird. The last time these two met was on January 9,2022, where the Saints won a victory over the Falcons 30-2. Will the Falcons‘ Rise up” to the occasion or will the Saints leave the ATL with another win? Guess we will just have to tune in and watch as these two duke it out. Have your red and black or black and gold ready for battle. The bragging rights to this game will surely be the talk of the weekend.

This week 1 season opener is sure to bring fans from all over to the ATL. Can’t get a ticket to the game? No worries, you can check out the Falcons vs the Saints on Fox at 12:00 noon, eastern standard time.

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