"Exploring Atlanta's Own, André 3000: Unveiling 'New Blue Sun' and Life After OutKast" during The GQ Cover Story

The Long-Awaited Return

After a prolonged hiatus from the music scene, André 3000, one half of the iconic OutKast duo, emerges with his solo project, 'New Blue Sun.' This anticipated unveiling arrives as a divergence from expectations, a departure from his traditional rap roots. In the exclusive GQ Video Cover Story, André opens up about the evolution of his creativity, the unconventional album, and the profound changes in his life post-OutKast.

Embracing Normalcy

The journey begins with André’s reflection on the consequences of a childhood prayer that propelled him to rap stardom. Now, at 48, he grapples with the echoes of that prayer and yearns for the simplicity of normal life. His visits to a local laundromat in Los Angeles, an act to be "out in the world," symbolize this desire for everyday experiences away from the spotlight.

A Musical Departure

'New Blue Sun' isn’t what fans might anticipate—it's a woodwind-centered album, devoid of the rapping that defined his career. André addresses the expectations head-on, admitting to attempts to create a traditional rap album but finding himself drawn in a different direction. He muses on the challenges of creating authentic rap as he navigates the complexities of aging and finding relevant subject matters.

The Quest for Authenticity

In a profound discussion, André delves into the real-life experiences that shape his music. Loss, love, aging, and the mundane aspects of life become his subjects. Despite attempts to find his footing in rap, he acknowledges the struggle of turning these experiences into entertaining yet relatable songs, revealing the internal conflict between authenticity and the pressures of audience expectations.

Life Beyond Music

While André's legacy with OutKast remains iconic, he's embraced new passions and pursuits. His focus shifts towards developing a workwear brand, 'From Now On, They Will Have No Choice But to Call Us The Ants,' and planning a store named 'A Myriad of Pyramids' to showcase his art and clothing. This transition signifies his exploration of various creative avenues beyond music.

Navigating Fame and Anxiety

André candidly discusses his social anxiety, heightened by fame and attention. He grapples with the duality of his artistic gift, which resides uncomfortably close to the elements that bring him discomfort. His therapist's words resonate—his art's essence intertwines with the source of his unease, leaving him introspective yet resigned to navigate this paradox.

New Blue Sun: Redefining Expectations

The album, André believes, challenges perceptions and invites varied reactions. He’s prepared for diverse responses—some might be moved to tears, others to yoga, and some might even doze off. Yet, it's his authenticity that drives this departure, seeking connection and understanding, albeit on his own unconventional terms.

A Legacy Beyond Music

For André, this album might signal the end of a musical era, and he's content with that possibility. He's already considering other lasting legacies—painting, sculpting, and designing instruments that may endure for centuries, defying conventional expectations and cementing his place as a multidimensional artist.

The André 3000 Renaissance

In the wake of OutKast’s monumental success, André 3000 is on a quest for personal and creative fulfillment. 'New Blue Sun' stands as a testament to his refusal to succumb to expectations, his pursuit of authenticity, and his readiness to embrace a life beyond the boundaries of fame. André’s journey marks not just a musical evolution but a holistic renaissance of an artist seeking resonance beyond the confines of his previous achievements.

Photograph by Renell Medrano

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