Empowering Businesses and Communities: The Inspiring Journey of Sheila Michelle Foye, CEO of Précis Screening

In the competitive world of business, few leaders manage to create a lasting impact across diverse industries while staying true to their core values of service and community development. Sheila Michelle Foye, the dynamic CEO of Précis Screening, exemplifies this rare blend of professional excellence and heartfelt commitment to societal betterment.

From HR and Finance Leader to CEO

Sheila Michelle Foye’s impressive career spans over two decades, marked by her strategic roles in HR and Finance Program and Project Management. Before stepping into her current role as CEO of Précis Screening, she made significant contributions across a variety of sectors, including Big 4 consulting, healthcare, higher education, government, and financial services. Her leadership has been instrumental in delivering high-impact business and technical solutions, driving growth and innovation in every organization she has been part of.

Précis Screening: A Visionary Approach to Compliance and Employer Services

Under Foye’s leadership, Précis Screening has emerged as a premier provider of drug screening, clinical laboratory, and transportation compliance services. The company’s ancillary offerings, such as background verification and I-9 automation, further solidify its position as a comprehensive solutions provider for employers. Foye’s vision has propelled Précis Screening to the forefront of its industry, ensuring that businesses remain compliant and efficient while prioritizing safety and integrity.

Global Perspective, Local Impact

Michelle’s commitment to thinking globally and acting locally is evident in her community involvement. She has served as both secretary and vice president of a Homeowners’ Association Board, reflecting her dedication to local governance and community enhancement. Beyond her local efforts, she played a pivotal role in establishing The Ever Advancing Center for Human Development, a non-profit organization aimed at fostering personal development in Zambia, Africa.

Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders

Foye’s passion for youth development led her to found The Breakthrough Foundation, an organization dedicated to transforming the potential of today’s youth into phenomenal accomplishments. Through this foundation, she has created avenues for young individuals to realize their inherent potential and achieve significant milestones.

Educational Excellence and Professional Certification

Sheila Michelle Foye’s academic background is as impressive as her professional journey. She holds a B.B.A in Management from Clayton State University and an MBA in International Business from Nova Southeastern University. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge is reflected in her certifications as a Scrum Master and a Project Management Professional. Between 2008 and 2013, she shared her expertise as a facilitator for International Business, student workshops, and new student orientation at the University of Phoenix, enriching the academic experiences of countless students.

Pioneering Transportation and Medical Network

Foye’s entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly with the establishment of the Transportation & Medical Network, a national chain of drug test centers and clinical laboratories. This initiative provides 24/7 support to Department of Transportation-regulated companies, ensuring safety and compliance across the transportation industry. Through this network, she has educated over 2,000 professionals, including nurses and entrepreneurs, empowering them to establish their own drug test centers and clinical labs, thereby contributing to improved healthcare outcomes and safety standards.

Life Beyond the Boardroom

Sheila Michelle Foye resides in metro Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Keith and their younger children. The Foyes are deeply involved in volunteerism, traveling, enjoying live music, and supporting their son Miles in his tennis endeavors. They cherish moments of fellowship over great food with loved ones and delight in the joy of chasing after their grandchildren.

Sheila Michelle Foye’s journey from a multifaceted professional to the CEO of Précis Screening is a testament to her exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and profound impact on both businesses and communities. Her story is an inspiring reminder that true success lies in the ability to uplift others while continuously striving for excellence. As she continues to lead with vision and heart, Sheila Michelle Foye is undoubtedly a beacon of inspiration in the corporate world and beyond.

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