ATL+ EXCLUSIVE: June Ambrose Showcases “Keeping Score” by Puma at WishATL

ATL+ EXCLUSIVE: June Ambrose Showcases “Keeping Score” by Puma at WishATL

by Johannes Escobar

On Thursday, January 26th, June Ambrose officially rolled out her seven-piece basketball-inspired collection: “Keeping Score” at WishATL. The creative director, costume designer, and celebrity wardrobe stylist has built a legacy that spans over 29 years in fashion and music. The fashion guru has designed and styled for celebrity greats that include Jay-Z, Hype Williams’ “Belly,” Missy Elliott, and P. Diddy, to name a few. But Ambrose is far from being done with collaborating and showcasing her skills. This is Ambrose’s first ever co-branded collection with Puma, which debuted last September at New York Fashion Week. This collection was inspired by Ambrose’s importance of making an impact in the music industry through fashion and keeping a tally of her past, current and future achievements. “So 2023, it’s the year I’ve been keeping score. It’s the culmination of my contribution to culture. I think it’s all in a bubble right now with this collection. It’s called ‘Keeping Score,’ so it’s more than just about fashion. I really wanted to infuse performance and style. Life is a sport, so we continue that narrative with this collection.”

The night began with a styling session, presenting models in the new collection styled by the none other than legendary June Ambrose. There was also a panel discussion that included Ambrose, Julie Hogg, and the host, Khleo Armstrong; followed by a Q&A discussion that included guest participation. Musical beats added to the ambience as Ambrose shared the blueprints of her collection. First in the collection is a convertible maxi-midi draped skirt-perfect for the Atlantan stylist in the cool winter climate. Paying tribute to retro-hip-hop apparel,  Ambrose fashioned a ‘73 inspired oversized tee entitled, ‘Hood Hall of Fame' and ‘Calling All Shots.’ And for the fashionable hooper, you can shatter backboards in a pair of paneled basketball leggings with the dora sports bra to match! The collection is completed with a pullover hoodie, versatile basketball shorts, a fuzzy baklava, and for those who run the street – a reworked Ralph Sampson and Prevail sneaker. Silhouettes of burgundy and navy blue are emboldened throughout the collection – signifying Ambrose’s strength and signature style. And to the devoted fans, there’s more to come with Ambrose hinting at the second rendition of the collection releasing sometime this Spring!

“This collection is bigger than me,” said Ambrose. “This collection is a platform for me to have a voice to amplify conversations that we aren’t having but that we should. I’m doing this to leave this place in a better way. To have everyone look through the colorful lens that I had growing up as a child.”  

Scott Saltzman, National Sales Manager at Puma, commented on Ambrose’s involvement in the historic collaboration. “The collection that she’s doing is fashion meets basketball…and that Atlanta girl is right up their alley.” It wasn’t just a coincidence that Ambrose and Puma chose to premier the debut collection at WishATL – they’re Atlanta’s only women-led streetwear boutique! Making up one-fifth of women-led streetwear boutiques in the nation. With twenty years in operation under their belt, WishATL is located in the historical Carnegie Library building in Little Five Points, Atlanta. Puma and WishATL, have something uniquely in common – both are led by women. The boutique is owned by Founder, Lauren Amos, who is partnered with CEO, Julie Hogg. Their mission is to shed insight while highlighting new artists and designers. “Julie and Lauren are amazing. They have unbelievable taste and they’re big fans of Puma.  It’s just natural to do a launch here,” exclaimed Saltzman.  

“I want to remind you that I worked for it, that I’m worthy of it and that I’m going to take it. It’s that kind of energy.” Ambrose also expressed to the crowd that the same distributive spirit that she is bringing to Puma is one that she’s had all along. “Keep the score of the things that you are distributing and that you are giving to the universe and others.  Life is a sport, and we all play it.” It is evident that Ambrose is definitely playing to win!

You can shop her new collection at WishATL and Puma, in-store and online. Prices range from as low as $30 to $200. You can also follow Ambrose on Instagram, @juneambrose.

Photo by @Forgeezy
Photo by @KingMalimagic
Photo by @KingMaliMagic
Photo by: Pieter Henket

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