A Cut Above: From the Front Porch to the Studio

A Cut Above: From the Front Porch to the Studio

Humble Beginnings

At the early age of 14, Mr. Tony Roberts began to cut hair. His career as a master barber didn’t evolve out of passion; but out of necessity. Coming from humble beginnings, his parents could not regularly afford to take him to get haircuts. Therefore, Roberts did what he had to do, and while making the best of his situation, he began cutting his own hair.  It didn’t matter whether it was in the bathroom or on his mother’s front porch, he found as many extension cords that he could in order to make it happen.  Beginning to get a “feel” for his craft, he asked his best friend if he could cut his hair.  Reluctantly, and acquiescing to the fear of allowing Tony to cut his hair, he agreed and wouldn’t you know it~ voila`! Next thing you know, Tony Roberts was cutting the majority of children’s hair in his neighborhood.  In an exclusive interview with ATL Plus Magazine, Tony Roberts, Master Barber and Senior Pastor of Victory Worship Center, gave his testimony of success:

At the age of 20, Tony Roberts found himself managing a barber shop. Even with it being commissioned based, he realized that he was still making the same amount of money as the other barbers.  Disgusted, Roberts expressed his desire for more money to the owner. In response, he was advised that he should probably start working on Sundays. Appalled, and disappointed by the owner’s response, it was at that very moment that Roberts recalls that it was time to leave and start his own business.  As destiny would have it, Tony Roberts would go from opening his first barber shop, and being the first African American barber shop in the Healey Building; located in the heart of the historic Fairlie-Poplar District in downtown Atlanta.  Not too shabby for a first wouldn’t you say?  Here’s a little-known fact for those who may not know:  the Healey Building is a 16-story high-rise located on Forsyth Street.  It was built in 1913 as Atlanta’s last major construction project prior to World War I. Little did Tony Roberts know that he would be making history as well.

Professionally Groomed for Success

Roberts’ business acumen has afforded him with many notable firsts and recognitions as an African American.  He was the first African American barber to open a studio on Peachtree St. and Buckhead across from Piedmont hospital.  In addition, he was the first African American barber in Colony Square.   Added to his repertoire, he is the first African American and barber in Atlantic Station, and now with a second location you can find the Master Barber in Buckhead on Lavista Walk and Cheshire Bridge: Tony’s Barber & Hair Studio @Atlantic Station and Tony’s Barber Studio @Lavista Walk.

Shop Talk

When asked about the “shop talk” that takes place in his barber shop- Roberts describes the environment as being a “typical day.” As we all have our idea of what takes place and what is often the topic(s) of discussion in a barber shop full of men; has now evolved into a more transformative haven wherein both men and women are able to express themselves without the “edgy-ness” of feeling uncomfortable based upon gender.  Evolution has taken precedence.  The norm of seeing only men as barbers has become prehistoric.  Tony’s Barber Studios are equipped with both grooming professionals (men) and sisters in grooming.  Each master barber has years of experience to offer while providing you with quality service. Your choice of male or female. The diversity and world class experience embodies sophistication, conversation, and even counseling should you need it. The counseling compartment comes from the ministerial needs provided by the Senior Pastor, Mr. Roberts himself.  Not only does Tony Roberts provide services in the personal care industry, he also provides spiritual care to accommodate the personal and mental care of others as well.  When speaking with our youth, he describes it as “a conversation- not a class.”  The Georgia native, attended Morris Brown and Carter Theological Institute, as an alchemy that has created who he has become today.

Purpose Driven

In September of this year, Roberts’ vitality was compromised by pericardial effusion.  This condition exists when there is a buildup of too much fluid in the double-layered, saclike structure around the heart.  In actuality- Roberts had 2-Liters of fluid around his heart, as well as some in the back of his heart. Having gone to the doctor a year prior because he was having irregular heartbeats, he failed his EKG, but was told by the technician that it was probably due to the fact that he had on lotion. (Yeah, my sentiments exactly!)  A year later, with the irregular heartbeats increasing, he went back to the doctor. After being given a CT scan, his doctor called him back the same day and ordered an emergency procedure.  Knowing that medically that he’s not supposed to be alive, Roberts praises God for blessing him with life acknowledging that there’s more work that God has for him to d

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